One of the Greats

On June 2013 I had a manic episode where I thought:

-I was a prophet
-the next greatest contemporary artist
-an R&B singer
-a genius

I felt euphoric and didn’t sleep for 4 days straight.
I made a list titled “ONE OF THE GREATS” listing musical artists who I believed I was destined to be a part of.

Not long after, this feeling of godliness faded to a deep darkness

The colors:
-Neon blue
-pink— represent cheap thrills and neon lights, something that is exciting in the nighttime but leaves a bad taste in your mouth come morning

The symbols are emblematic of this spiritual journey:
-serpent = rebirth
-diamonds = wealth and luxury
-roses = something beautiful to look at///painful to touch

I am included in this wall as I viewed myself at that time, actual part of that world. This is an ode to that era of
and weakness